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The Slormancer!

The 2D Pixel-art Hack'n Slashy Action-RPG Dungeon Crawling game!
Fight hordes of enemies led by The Slormancer, an evil warlock from the past, in an absurd yet epic Action RPG! Featuring loads of shiny loot, tons of collectibles, countless hours of content, a frenetic gameplay and carefully crafted pixel art.

Prove your value

An irrational story!
You were born with absolutely no skill whatsoever, and yet you find a way to be the last hope of the realm as the enigmatic Slormancer and his incompetent underling try to conquer the world once again. How great. But like your grandfather once told you: 'You might not have the talent but you have the will.'
"A story so deep and meaningful that you will tell it to your grandchildren! Featuring absurd villagers living in a spooky but lovely village."
- The Daily Slormet

Three unique Classes

Highly trained heroes!
Unlock and master more than 200 unique Abilities, Upgrades and Passives for every class. Each active Ability has its own skill tree, allowing you to create unique combinations.

Each class also features 3 uniques specializations, and enough customization to create the Mage-Tank or the Spell-Casting Knight you've always dreamed of.

Ancestral Legacy

Unlimited Power!
Choose your Legacy and inherit ancient powers among more than 150 Element-related Skills and Passives in the Ancestral Skill Tree.

Master Fire and summon powerful elementals, use Ice to freeze your foes, convoke Thunder and create massive storms, embrace the power of Light or make one with Shadow, it's up to you!

The Slorm Reapers

Unique Weapons!
120 unique and game-changing weapons available for every class.

Each Slorm Reaper is a unique and priceless weapon that you will be able to loot during your adventure. Once found, wield it to benefit from its powerful effect, level it up, and eventually evolve it to a greater form.
"A soundtrack so breathtaking that you will never want to hear something else again."
- The composer

Endless quest for Epic Loot

Fancy Legendaries!
Find and collect normal, magic, rare and epic items with completely random properties but also shiny legendary items with more than 80 unique affixes (for now).

Collect Fragments, Slormelines and Slormandrites, and use them to reforge and upgrade your equipment.

In The Slormancer, the ability to Reinforce an item is infinite and is only limited to your own dedication and time.

Create the deadliest builds

Collect and Progress
Unlock Skills, Upgrades and Ancestral Abilities, find epic items, and collect Slorm Reapers to create deadly combinations that suit your own play style!

The Slormancer is all about Collection and Progression so you can switch at any point between any skills you've previously unlocked, Slorm Reapers and items you've previously found, even between the 3 classes of the game! This unique Flexibility allows you to swap between different combinations and play styles in the blink of an eye, whenever you feel like it.
"And more than 400 Achievements to unlock. What else?"
- George C.

Procedural Adventures

Slay. Slay. Slay.
Defeat lots of unique monsters, elites and bosses with more than 40 different affixes through procedurally generated runs and hunt down The Slormancer's Warlords through 7 different upgradable environments. There are always things to do and monsters to kill! And it's always different!

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